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Greg Sundahl, MBA

College Planning Partnership

Greg Sundahl has been with the firm since 2007 in various roles throughout the years, always with a focus on keeping the client experience top-notch and efficient.  Greg graduated from Saint Joseph’s College with his Master’s in Business Administration, along with his advanced graduate certificate in Business Education from Hofstra University.  He enjoys teaching high school students about the importance of personal financial management, and maintains an entrepreneurial lifestyle through work with the firm as our new College Admissions & Financial Aid Planner.


Greg continues to enhance the client experience through the continued production of the Diversified Financial Newsletter, and our newly updated website.  Greg brings a high level of energy to the office, and enjoys working in the classroom environment when he’s not meeting with clients.  The decisions and steps to take when you plan to send your child to college can be overwhelming, so why not partner with experts you know and trust.  Our goal is to alleviate the stress of the admissions and financial aid process for students and families by bringing clarity and comprehensive advice to help you make the best decisions.  Be sure to look for additional information early in the new year.


In Greg’s spare time, he loves to travel and see new places, and spend time with his new brother (Carmine) and twin nephews (Brayden and Brody).  One of his favorite quotes is, “Aspire to inspire before you expire.”  Greg’s favorite holiday is Labor Day, because it’s the unofficial end of Summer, and the beginning of an academic year with usually very nice weather.  Life is short, so Greg wants you to enjoy it!  He also manages the events for our non-profit organization, POWER of Women Exchanging Resources, Inc., and we hope to see you at an event soon!

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