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What We Do

We’re really excited about what we do for our clients! Denise is a financial architect, and we help our clients design and create their financial home.
This home represents their future dreams and aspirations, each room perhaps representing a personal goal or ambition. Then, and only then, we will look for the financial furniture to furnish this home. The furniture will give you the comfort that your goals and aspirations for you and your family will be achieved. What we find is that most clients come to us having bought some financial furniture elsewhere, and over the years, have accumulated different types of furniture, but none of it with any strategy or coherency.
This is bizarre; you would not buy furniture before you buy a home, would you? Yet, people do this with financial furniture. So, we’ll take a look at the financial furniture that our clients have bought and see if it fits into the financial home that we’ve designed. If it fits, we’ll keep it. But if it doesn’t, we’ll try to improve it. You probably wouldn’t put antique furniture in a modern contemporary house, would you? And, over time, both your home and your financial home will always need maintenance, and our clients must set aside the budget for this.
And, as time goes, so your life will change, as will your goals and aspirations. At such times, we will review the design of your financial home and see if it needs any changing, a little like building an extension to a home.
Occasionally, your circumstances will change so dramatically, that we need to redesign a new financial home. We intend to be with you throughout each of these stages, as your maintenance engineers.

Diversified Financial Solutions represents the best of both worlds:
A small, personalized firm with access to the resources of a larger broker/dealer.

We're Independent

I have been affiliated with, or have known firms that highly suggested that you use their “own products” such as mutual funds or insurance.  To entice you to do so, they would give you more credit or compensation.  Being an independent person with an independent mind, I always struggled with that concept. I had a hard time offering something to a client that I would not purchase myself.


As a result, I chose to align myself with my first independent broker/dealer, Main Street Management Co., in 1996.  Unfortunately Main Street sold out to an insurance company in 2000 and then subsequently sold us in 2004.  In 2004, after much research, I found another independent broker/dealer.


For you, it means I can offer you access to the finest products and advice available – without being driven by any considerations other than your best interests.  In addition, I am under no pressure to promote proprietary products or any kind of sales quotas so I can offer my clients truly unbiased advice. I am also able to recommend an investment strategy tailored to each client’s individual needs.

What Sets Us Above the Rest

CLU - Launched in 1927, the CLU® is the insurance profession’s oldest standard of excellence. Today, it continues to be the premier credential for insurance professionals who want to provide their clients with the security of life insurance and risk management.

CLU® designees know how to serve the diverse needs of their individual and business clients through in-depth insurance knowledge, including expertise on life insurance products, aspects of risk management, the legal aspects of life insurance, and assisting clients in making decisions about estate planning, including various wills and trust arrangements.

The American College of Financial Services is the premier educational institution dedicated to the development of financial services professionals. Graduates and designees of The American College of Financial Services have studied, passed rigorous exams, and proven that they not only have the technical knowledge to serve their clients, but have sworn to practice ethically and in the best interest of the people they serve.


ChFC – The ChFC® professional is prepared with the essentials of financial planning, including insurance, income taxation, retirement planning, investments, and estate planning, Study areas include behavioral finance, financial planning for families with special needs dependents, small business planning, financial planning for clients in diverse communities, financial planning for divorce, and more.


ChFC® credential holders have an in-depth knowledge in :

• The financial planning process, including the role and responsibilities of a financial consultant

• Risk management strategies, including mitigating the risks associated with insurance, human capital, liability, property, and wealth management

• Income tax strategies, including planning for deductions, tax credits, capital gains and losses, taxation of life insurance, annuities, and partnerships, LLCs, corporations, and proprietorships

• Retirement planning strategies, including choosing between and working with SEPs, SIMPLEs, IRAs, Roth IRAs, 403(b), and nonqualified deferred compensation plans

• Investment strategies, including issues pertaining to return computations, diversification, securities markets, tax issues, portfolio management, and ethical practice

• Estate and gift-tax planning strategies

• Personal financial planning strategies

• Specialized strategies, including aiding divorcees and blended families, financial planning for families with special needs, serving non-traditional families and LGBTQ clients, addressing the unique challenges associated with modern retirement income portfolios, and applying behavioral finance strategies as a chartered financial consultant

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